Honda PUYO Concept Car

Honda is an doubtless leader in concept cars creation. At the Tokyo Motor Show 2007, Honda presented the Honda PUYO concept car. This car looks not like a car at all, a kind of a small bus! But, this car is full of advantages: it is aimed to convey nice and friendly impression and to be fun, safe and bright, what is more environmentally-friendly car based on fuel cell technology.

puyo new concept car from honda
The motto of Honda cars looked like this: “For the endless joy of mobility on our earth”. So, Honda designers were aimed to make environmentally and driver friendly car and at the same time funny car (this car is a pleasant one for both diver and people around).
honda new puyo concept car
Exterior design So, while designing PUYO, manufacturers followed these aims: to make car cornerless, car with the maximum spaciousness, make a car of great real-world safety. Also, the body of the car is a luminescent one.

puyo honda 2007
Interior design This car is made and aimed for you to feel yourself comfortable. It gives a “silky feel” and feeling of clearness. Driving becomes a real pleasure. A joystick is put instead of a steering wheel.
honda puyo concept car

Honda PUYO – general impression

PUYO is something that conveys warmth and friendliness, also, it take care about people round and makes them laugh. The body of the Honda PUYO is made from special material (like gel), thus, the safety is high and lights shining through the gel body are so cute. The design is minimalist but still ultra-efficient.